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3 Phase Feat. Dr Motte - Der Klang Der Familie

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Exclusive back 2 back old school rave set by Ben Sims and Mark Archer performed at De:tuned ‘Meeting of Minds’ on Saturday June 2nd 2012 @Petrol Club, Antwerp, Belgium

1.Trigger-Stratosphere (MA)
2.Christian Jay Bolland-Horsepower (MA)
3.P.W.M-Are You Ready To Move (MA)
4.Da Juice-Hear The Angels (BS)
5.Automation-Pacemaker/Remix-EDIT (BS)
6.Frank De Wolf-Moribund (BS)
7.Rhythm Section-Feel The Rhythm (MA)
8.SL2-DJ’s Take Control (MA)
9.Razor Boy/Mirror Man-Rabbit City 001 (MA)
10.Doc Scott-Surgery/Remix (BS)
11.Dragon Fly-Visions Of Rage (BS)
12.Rhythm Section-Check Out The Bass Bass-EDIT (BS)
13.Tronichouse-Up Tempo (MA)
14.Mark One-Hoovers & Spraycans (MA)
15.2 Bad Mice-Hold It Down (MA)
16.Kaotic Chemistry-Drum Trip (BS)
17.Rum & Black-Wicked (BS)
18.Rebel MC-The Wickedest Sound/Instrumental (BS)
19.Rhythm Quest-Closer To All Your Dreams/Hybrid Mix (MA)
20.Zero B-Lock Up (MA)
21.Rhythm Section-Is This Real? (MA)
22.Unknown-Let The Bass Kick/Remake (BS)
23.Lenny De Ice-We Are IE-EDIT (BS)
24.DJ DD Hass + X-10-CIV-High Tec Muuusic-EDIT (BS)
25.Urban Shakedown-Some Justice(MA)
26.SL2-Way In My Brain(MA)
27.Tronic House-Straight Outta Hell (MA)
28.Mark Archer/Altern 8-Frequency/Killa Productions 91 Revival Remix (BS)

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made a late 2013 mix the other night

deepchord - driftwood
andrea - hera
vatican shadow - remember your black day
conforce - last anthem
cosmin trg - terminus abrupt [legowelt mix]
rod - hux
dario zenker - 27 northwest
inigo kennedy - cathedral
egyptrixx - water
function - gradient ii
omar s. - i just want
marcel dettman - ductil
lag - soma dama [fsg mix]
mike parker - lustration 5
iori - passing tru
din - evolve [conclusion]
tomohiko sagae - endurance
population one - guilty bridge
floorplan - higher [orig and ben sims mixes]
marcel dettmann - corebox [james ruskin blueprint mix]
damon wild - bang the acid [echoplex mix]
takaaki itoh - dusker
peter van hoesen - subjects from the past / pixelife - the doctor is out